Professional personal assistance from your family office

Boxi & Ox understands your needs like no other. Aside from our broad offer of financial services, our family office gladly assists you through our personal assistance services. From managing the everyday to organizing special events, our family office makes the backend of your life run smoothly. We focus on your sidetracks, so you can fully enjoy your wealth in life.

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een aanspreekpunt

{ Centralized family management }

One party manages both your financial and personal business accurately, swiftly, and comprehensively.

betrouwbare PA

{ Reliable services }

We prefer clear communication. Bovi & Ox gives you a loyal partner looking out solely for your benefits.


{ Complete discretion }

Your privacy is our main focus. Security and discretion are the pillars of our organization.


Quality, professionalism, and exceedingly personal

{ Quality } Bovi & Ox is very experienced in the realm of wealth management and all that it entails. Our broad experience in PA services elevates your quality of life, giving you more time to enjoy the finer things in life.

{ Professionalism } We say what we do and do as we say. We’re unwavering in fulfilling our agreements. When we organize something, everything is taken care of. We manage your appointments and personal data in a highly securitized working environment, that guarantees your privacy.

{ Personal } A good collaboration starts with trust in each other’s professionalism. Our approach focuses on the humans that are behind a company. We advise in any area you require. Our way of working is defined by helpfulness, empathy, friendliness, and creating personal connections. Knowing what motivates you is crucial in this understanding.

“Bovi & Ox clearly knows its business. Our interests are well taken care of, both privately and professionally, and always in discretion.”

As diverse as our clients

Our personal assistance services can be as diverse as the high net-worth clients we represent. We offer personal assistance in the business and private sphere. Choose from (a mixture of) three different personal assistance packages.

Personal Assistant Business

  • CEO support
  • Managing travel, event planning and trade shows
  • Managing (complex) agendas
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Correspondence and administrative tasks

Virtual Assistant Business

family office bovi ox
  • Backoffice tasks
  • Managing travel, event planning, and trade shows
  • Phone service
  • Managing (complex) agendas
  • Correspondence and  administrative tasks

Personal Assistant Family

personal assistance
  • Organising dinners and  (charity) events 
  • Sparring partner for charities
  • Hostess
  • Taxi en support hospital visits 
  • Organising children’s parties
  • Coordinating housekeeping

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Bovi & Ox’s other family office services

personal assistance


We are specialized in accountancy, administration and tax. The Bovi & Ox team has significant experience with family office clients and all (complicated) accounting tasks that follow from it, such as tailored financial reports and complex administrative tasks.

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Your safe haven

Your personal assistance is in good hands with our family office. Bovi & Ox creates the secure foundation to optimally enjoy your wealth. 


  • Member of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Founders with more than three decades of experience in financing
  • ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certifications 

“The involvement and level of service from Bovi & Ox is noteworthy. The team is seriously involved with a lot of in-depth knowledge. We’re often surprised at the anticipation and seeing how Bovi & Ox is thinking alongside us.”

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