What do we do?

Bovi & Ox relies on two pillars


Arranging all business and private business matters in the fields of accountancy, administration and tax. Drawing up aggregated/consolidated reports tailored to both business and private assets for the total review as well as for the purposes of tax returns.

Our Finance services

Personal Assistance

Our expertise goes beyond good accountancy. You can come to us with all your personal financial matters. From collecting to investing, from inventorying to outsourcing. Organizing trips, hotels, agenda management, childcare arranging, taxi services, arranging tickets for special concerts/ competitions, organising dinners.

Our Personal Assistance services

Bovi & Ox is a safe basis. A partner who knows what drives you and offers you the knowledge and inspiration you need.

We are an independent accounting firm, we are not an asset manager nor a tax or legal advisor. We do what we are good at and that is to pool together our experience and expertise in the field of family office. We like to work with your own trusted advisors.

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